What level of commitment
are you ready for?


·         Casual visit pay as you go $15

·         10 class pass $120 (3 month expiry)

·         Unlimited classes direct debit $50 per fortnight ($25 per week) (min 3 months) ongoing until 
          you cancel with 2 week's notice plus 1 week deferral per quarter due to illness or holidays -
         this week will be added to end.

·         3 month unlimited class pass $295 pay in full in advance

·         6 month unlimited classes $495 pay in full in advance

FOR A SECOND FAMILY MEMBER – 50% off any of the above options on the purchase of a full price option.
  Any additional family members FREE.    Conditions apply :

·         does not include casual visits
·         only applies to immediate family (i.e. husband, wife and children up to a maximum of 2 free family members)
·         based on current timetable, timetable can change at any time.  Cost of classes only – does not include Personal
·         Any extra special events such as outdoor bootcamp, will be included on direct debit or unlimited class pass.
          They will not be included for 10 class passes.



Based on training at our Alexandra studio and are 50 minute sessions.  Please note that you will have a fixed appointment time for each session each week which is your time always guaranteed in a 10 pack.

  • 1 session per week $65 per session for casual pay as you go Personal Training
  • 1 sessions per week $60 per session in a 10 pack ($600)
  • 2 sessions per week $55 per session in a 10 pack ($550)
  • 3 or more sessions $50 per session in a 10 pack ($500)

PLEASE NOTE -    If we travel to your home, there will be an additional travelling surcharge

                              -   If you cancel a session less than 24 hours' notice, you will still pay for that session