It’s time to kickstart your health and fitness!

IF any of the following applies to you, this is your time
to work toward a fit and healthy body!

  • Never exercised before but would like to start
  • Scared you won’t know what to do in a class so don’t start
  • Don’t think you are fit or slim enough to work out (but want to!)
  • Haven’t exercised in a very long time and need to start again
  • Want to know how to start exercising and what works for you
  • Tried everything on your own and nothing works
  • Think you can’t go to classes because you are not co-ordinated

Join people just like you – scared, nervous, lacking confidence and perhaps even overweight – at Karen’s Beginners Bootcamp.

We will spend each session learning basic exercises including different class styles to give you confidence in your ability to actually start moving and when you are ready, you might decide to join classes with other people because you know what you are doing!

Just a few reasons why exercise is good for you  

  • Be able to participate fully in life                       - Get fit                       - Improve metabolism
  • Move your body freely and without pain         - Improve sleep         - Generally feel great and happier
  • Improve overall health and wellbeing             - Lose weight               - increase self confidence

WHEN AND WHERE - PT ON THE RUN, 42 Downey Street, Alexandra

When – 3 weeks from 2nd February, 2021  (40 minutes per session)

Other – wear comfortable clothes and runners

Cost - $85 per person for 3 weeks payable in advance(3 sessions per week)

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL – a minimum of 4 people to go ahead.


Tel: Karen 0408866208    E: