About Us

PT on the Run came out of a dream to help people live a better life, a healthy and fit life where you can move with ease and little pain.   Or to take you to the next level of your fitness journey.    And if you can't come to us - we can come to you!


My passion is group fitness and helping people find a love of exercise.  It is and should be fun!  I teach a variety of classes and love moving to music.    There is no such thing as not fit enough or not coordinated enough - these things come with practice and time.  Let me take you on a fitness journey!

I have spent years studying and updating my knowledge and continue to do so as I passionately believe that knowledge is key, and there is no point in time that we know it all!

Always learning, and sharing knowledge, and continuing my own fitness journey.  There are always challenges along the way, but as they say, anything worthwhile takes a bit of effort.  I have been where you are at some point in my life, and believe we can all achieve our goals - we just have to take that first step.

I am now also a qualified Weight Management Consultant and Nutrition coach so click here for more information.


Although I have loved fitness my whole life, I came into the industry almost 10 years ago.  My passion is helping people move better and achieve a better quality of life, specifically through Personal Training.

Additional study has taken me on a journey of Myofascial Release and all my clients will happily tell you of the amazing results they get.  Those with sore backs, knees and tight bodies, all benefit from Myofascial release.

I continue to learn and grow and my fitness journey goes from strength to strength as I started out as someone who built fences for a living, with a body that had many chronic injuries and a lot of pain, to someone who understands how to train and strengthen your core muscles, in order to relieve the pain.  And I am ALWAYS up for a challenge - if only to prove you can be fit and strong at ANY age!