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1. Myofascial Release / Massage

2. Personal Training

3. Weight Loss / Weight Management

4. Group Exercise classes


Why Myofascial Release is Your New Best Friend

  1. Myofascial Release helps you relax
    Targeting chronic muscle pain with the intent to relieve that stress is inherently relaxing to the muscle, and your emotional tension will benefit from the reduction in pain/discomfort.

    2. Myofascial Release reduces pain
    When you actively address the knots muscle by muscle, you reduce the pain in that area as well as additional pain experience in the fascial system as a whole.

    3. Myofascial Release improves flexibility
    Knots lead to contraction; contraction leads to tighter muscle; tighter muscle leads to less range of motion. When you target the knots for release, you are allowing your muscles to fully relax, which is necessary to safely express the full range of motion for any given muscle/joint group.

    4. Myofascial Release helps you recover
    Knots in your muscles reduce your ability to recover. If you target and reduce trigger points over the whole of your myofascial system, you improve your body's resting state, and thus your ability to recover from exercise induced traumas.

    5. Myofascial Release elevates your mood
    So far working on your myofascial health has: reduced tension, reduced pain, improved flexibility, and helped you recover faster from workouts.

And as they say “BUT Wait – there’s more!”   Myofascial Release can be a little uncomfortable initially because you are working out muscle knots, and that pain causes nerve impulses to travel to the spinal column.  BUT those impulses are met with a release of endorphins to help prevent further pain impulses and make you feel just plain great!

Interested?  Want to find out more and how it can work for you? 

We do one on one sessions of Myofascial release at PT on the Run and you remain clothed.   
Sessions are $75 per  hour.

Call Martin for more information or to book your first session on 0406 430 075.


Personal Training is absolutely the BEST option if you are looking at making significant improvements in health and fitness, working toward a fitness event or with chronic health or mobility issues.    Click on this  link for more information on just how PT can be the best thing you ever did!


Exercise alone won't  help you lose weight.  Whilst exercise is essential for a strong healthy body, strong bones and cardio fitness to name a few, without good nutrition you could struggle with your weight even though you are working out regularly.

There are so many fad diets out there and none of them work long term but they all work short term.  WHY?  Because you are making changes to your nutrition and calorie intake.  However once you reach your goal - what next?  Have you learned anything?  Have you learned portion sizes?  How to read food labels?  What's the cause of the weight gain in the first place?  

Probably not - most people learn incorrect information such as must each NO carbs, LOW carbs, NO sugar, LESS sugar, MORE protein, EAT at certain times, NO fat .... hmmmmm I could go on.     We  have been told since the beginning of our time - moderation.  And that's correct.  If we make better choices most of the time, we can handle a few poorer choices every so often.

But food is not all bad - it's learning what is a great choice, not so great choice and what's worth the extra calories and what isn't.

Losing weight is definitely achievable without a "diet" mentality.  It's just being armed with knowledge -and knowledge is power.   And also understanding what makes us choose the not so great options when there are so many yummy great options out there - or just a little less of the not so great choices.

Karen has helped many clients lose a significant amount of weight through her 6 month life changer program.  It's fun, interesting and you learn something new every week along with weight loss at the same time (and particularly focussed on fat loss).  Check out the details here or contact Karen direct.


Working out regularly keeps you not only fit, but is great for strength, mobility, flexibility, weight maitenance and especially good mental health!    Classes are fun and varied and offer all levels of exerciser something as every class caters for you whether you have just joined your first one or someone that is very fit and strong.

And working out with other people, enjoying a laugh along with the workout and great music it's a great option and results are achievable.   Try a class today.