is personal training for you?

Many people think Personal Training is not for them without really knowing what it is.  What we are is a Personal Training studio – we are not a gym and we offer privacy to all our Personal Training clients with our own private PT Studio.


And unlike gyms where you mainly have machines (and most of them you sit down on which we all know we sit far too much these days!), we have a variety of equipment depending on your fitness level, training goals and our areas of expertise.


At PT on the Run your personal training session is all about you.  We spend every session working with a program that is specifically designed to help you achieve your goal. 

These programs are based on your fitness level, current skills, injuries or any disabilities that you may have.

We like variety and fun to be incorporated into your sessions – because let’s face it, if it’s not fun you won’t do it.  If it’s the same old routine every day, every week, every month- your body will adapt and you won’t achieve change.


So what are the benefits you ask ?

*  We work with you to determine your goals, clearly define them and plan your workouts with them in mind

* We monitor your progress and help you with whatever may be holding you back

* We help you train smarter, therefore not necessarily harder

* It’s one on one – so it’s all about you

*  Our priority is to teaach you correct technique, work on posture and core strength which will get you working toward your goals,

* We motivate you and keep you accountable to yourself

*We are not only fully qualified with our Diploma of Fitness and many other fitness qualifications, we have also been where you are now so we understand what it means to start on the journey – whatever your own personal journey is

*  Our goal is your goal – whether weight loss, taking your training to the next level, rock a wedding frock or simply to feel and move better!


So what are you waiting for – book a session today.  Your first session will be about discussing your goals, exercise history, doing a postural analysis and a workout to base your upcoming journey on. 

This will  enable us to plan your next and future workouts based on what we learn about you in our first meeting. We are excited to get started!


 Karen and Martin Howden